Predicting Stress Groups Practice

Directions: Indicate where stress would normally fall on the following words. Traditionally, the final stress of a word receives an acute accent mark (’), and all preceding stresses receive a grave accent mark (‘).

Feel free to refer back to the rules mentioned in this section; this is an exercise that helps the stress guidelines sink in, not a test that makes sure you remember what they are.

   hāhālua (manta ray) = hàa.hàa.lúa

1. makika (mosquito) =  
2. ‘iole (mouse/rat) =  
3. pāpa‘i (crab) =  
4. ‘ō‘io (bonefish/ladyfish) =  
5. ae‘o (stilt bird) =  
6. laehaokela (rhinoceros) =  
7. palaoa (sperm whale)) =  
8. manō (shark) =  
9. pāpulō (buffalo) =  
10. mākinikā (monkey) =  

Answers to Predicting Stress Groups Practice

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