Lesson 1 Quiz

1. Which of these letters does not exist in written Hawaiian?
   a) P
   b) Y
   c) W
2. Which of the following is not a possible Hawaiian word?
   a) llama
   b) mope
   c) piano
3. What is the correct pronunciation of aloha?
   a) "ah   loo   hah"
   b) "ah   lohw   hah"
   c) "ah   loh   hah"
4. ‘Elelū (cockroach) should be spelled as:
   a) ‘ē lā ‘ē lā ‘ū kō
   b) ‘okina ‘ē ma‘aka lā ‘ē lā ‘ū kō
   c) ‘ē lā ‘ē lā ‘ū
5. How would the English word 'canopy' be recorded in Hawaiian?
   a) kaenopi
   b) kanopi
   c) none of the above
6. How many syllables does the word mūhe‘e (squid/cuttlefish) have?
   a) 2
   b) 3
   c) 4
7. Which of the following words contains a diphthong:
   a) kēuli (blue jay)
   b) naonao (ant)
   c) hiena (hyena)
8. Moano (goatfish) should be broken down into syllables as:
   a) mo   a   no
   b) moan   o
   c) moa   no
9. ‘Aeko (eagle) should be stressed as:
   a) ‘aèko
   b) ‘áeko
   c) ‘àéko
10. Ponumomi (ladybug) is a compound of the words ponu (beetle) and momi (pearl). Ponumomi should be stressed as:
   a) ponumómi
   b) pónumomi
   c) pònumómi

Answers to Lesson 1 Quiz

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